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Protect Your Privacy On Social Media - featured

Though social networking has many positive aspects, it’s quite important to be careful about the information that you share in addition to the solitude of your social media profile. The more observable, wealthy or attractive you are on social networking, the more you’re prone to backlash from “haters”, stalkers, and other hackers. If you have […]

Identity Theft Risks on LinkedIn-min

It is a job hunter’s best friend: LinkedIn, the online networking site for professionals seeking to enhance their careers. But along with the work history, users are providing a gold mine of private data for potential identity thieves. What can you do to obtain the rewards of using LinkedIn, while reducing the dangers? Based on […]

Protect Your Identity on Facebook - InternetPrivacy.com

Assess your Facebook timeline. Odds are that with hardly any scrolling there are examples of oversharing by your friends and loved ones. Not only embarrassing photographs and personal details which nobody needs to hear, but for advice that may result in identity theft. Within my timeline over the past month I have seen these articles: […]