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Protect Your Identity 1

The information age has attracted a lot of inventions and progress to our everyday routine. But the same as any minute in our collective history, new developments offer you an opportunity for people who attempt to hurt you or steal from one to get in your money or your private possessions, or in this scenario, […]

How to Pick a Secure Password

Do you know how to pick a secure password for your online profiles? In this article, we will walk you through the top 8 tips for picking a secure password for all of your accounts. From the films, hackers make it appear simple to decode a password. The truth is, it frequently is as straightforward […]

Holiday Online Shopping 1

Do you feel safe while holiday online shopping? The vacation countdown is on, and over 50% of holiday shoppers plan to make purchases on the internet during the 2019 period of giving. Unfortunately, it is also the time for internet scammers to create a killing — usually, on your dime. Online shopping scams, will expose […]

Identity Theft Risks on LinkedIn-min

It is a job hunter’s best friend: LinkedIn, the online networking site for professionals seeking to enhance their careers. But along with the work history, users are providing a gold mine of private data for potential identity thieves. What can you do to obtain the rewards of using LinkedIn, while reducing the dangers? Based on […]

Internet Privacy Laws - 2

Internet privacy is the privacy and security level of personal data published via the Internet. It is a broad term that refers to a variety of factors, techniques and technologies used to protect sensitive and private data,¬†communications, and preferences. Privacy is among many very serious problems that users are confronted online. When it’s about the […]

Protect Your Identity on Facebook -

Assess your Facebook timeline. Odds are that with hardly any scrolling there are examples of oversharing by your friends and loved ones. Not only embarrassing photographs and personal details which nobody needs to hear, but for advice that may result in identity theft. Within my timeline over the past month I have seen these articles: […]