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How to Remove Personal Information Online

Remove Personal Information with Whether it’s sensitive banking information or photos you wish weren’t posted online, you most likely have stuff online you don’t want others to see. Erasing personal data from the internet could lower someone’s chances of finding and using it for their own gain. If you’re ready to protect your identity, […]

online privacy pros and cons

What Are The Harms And Benefits Of Internet Privacy Curious to discover what are some online privacy pros and cons? That’s what we are planning to discuss today! So join the ride and let’s discover together how our privacy vanishes online, and what we can all do about it. I think we can all agree […]

preventing a data breach

What Is a Data Breach and How/Why Do They Happen? “What is a data breach?” and “Is preventing a data breach possible?” are two of the questions we receive most often. A data breach is an event that exposes protected or confidential data. These types of security breaches may involve the loss or theft of […]

man looking for seven simple steps to online privacy

Your online identity is incredibly valuable and having it stolen can leave you exposed to many threats. So if you care about your privacy and are looking for how to protect your identity online while surfing the Web, here are seven simple steps to online privacy you can follow. Wondering why you should care about […]

how to remove mugshots online

Struggling to remove mugshots online?  Looking for the mugshot site’s contact information, but still coming up short?  We get it, mugshot removal can be a tedious task.  Thankfully, our team has perfected the way in which negative information such as your mugshots, arrest records, and criminal information is removed from Google. When it comes to […]

Keep Your System Up-to-Date

Computers are in everything and this is largely due to the growth of this digital era. You may be an expert in dealing with your jobs with the guidance of a computer. Additionally, your mate will know to do many things on the computer that is present at your place. How about the circumstance when […]

social media cyber security

What Are The Security Risks Of Social Media Enforcing social media cyber security across your online accounts should be at the top of your mind.  Social networking sites have become an undeniable source of information. They help us connect, promote our businesses and gain the attention of new potential customers. But they can also leave […]

google showing the right to be forgotten

The right to be forgotten is a concept where people have the power to request personal data to be removed on the internet. From the European Union (EU), the right to be forgotten can also be known as the right to erasure. To efficiently eliminate an individual’s personal information, there has to be a tangible […]

internet security tools

If you’ve ever had to suffer through the hassle of a computer virus, you’re going to learn just how important it is to protect yourself. A virus attack can leave you with expensive and troublesome problems, problems that might have been prevented if you utilized a free internet security tool online. This guide will explore […]