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Internet Privacy uses advanced search engine marketing tools
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    Initial Deep Web Scan

    We scour the Internet for any exposed data, including the names of your relatives and children. We conduct searches under multiple name variations to find as many records as possible.

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    Personal Data Removal

    Our internet privacy solutions make it easy for you to secure your digital identity. We ensure your personal information is protected at all times, and we help you remove yourself from data collection sites.

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    Ongoing Surveillance

    We periodically check the status of all removals and purge any new records found. And since the Internet never sleeps, we continuously search for new sources of personal information that require removal.

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    Detailed Reporting

    You’ll receive regular reports on your privacy status and any outstanding threats. If any new records become associated with you, we send you an alert.

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    Privacy Account Support

    Your privacy is personal, which is why we want to provide you a human-touch. You’ll receive access to a privacy support representative who is available for questions, concerns, or any other requests you may have regarding your privacy account.

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Why Internet Privacy is the software sister company of, North America’s leading online reputation specialists and Inc 500 company. Internet Privacy has taken over a decade of experience managing, monitoring, and safeguarding online privacy concerns for both individuals and businesses and put it into a software that provides industry-leading protection for you and your family.

Protect your personal and private information online today, and have our team remove any unwanted or negative content.

Common Internet Privacy Threats

Every second, over 70 people-search sites publish and sell your personal information to third parties for next to nothing.

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    Phishing scams grow in popularity

    Hackers increasingly turn to phishing attacks to try to extract passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data from their targets. Active Internet Privacy Protection makes this much harder to do.

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    Exposed personal information makes identity theft possible

    Personal information is easy to find on the Internet. Directories, reverse look-ups, and many other services make it their business to collect and sell vast troves.

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    Stalkers use personal information to find your family

    Stalkers and disgruntled acquaintances increasingly turn to the Internet to find addresses, phone numbers, and other private data about their victims.

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    How Hackers Bypass Security Questions

    Did you know that hackers can easily find the answers to the vast majority of common security questions online? Active Internet Privacy Protection cuts off many of these information sources, making it much harder for someone to steal your passwords and obtain your private information.

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    Is Your Family's Private Information Online?

    A typical InternetPrivacy audit uncovers over 300 elements of personal information across the entire internet. We remove all references of both yours and your family’s private information online.

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    InternetPrivacy Removes All Your Personal Information Online

    There are 100+ people-search sites online where your information may be exposed. We scan all these online databases & remove your information wherever it is found.

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Real People, Real Results

Internet Privacy

The Cost Of Online Privacy Breaches

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  • The IRS estimates identity theftThe IRS estimates identity theft leads to $21 billion in fraudulent refunds per year. (CNBC)
  • Companies that contained a breachCompanies that contained a breach in less than 30 days saved more than $1 million compared to those that took more than 30 days.
  • The United States saw 1,244 data breachesThe United States saw 1,244 data breaches in 2018 and had 446.5 million exposed records.
  • Social media data breachesSocial media data breaches account for 56 percent of data breaches in the first half of 2018.
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