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Fastbackgroundcheck Removal: Our Guide


Fastbackgroundcheck is an online tool to conduct informal background checks. Our guide provides a thorough rundown of how to check for background data, do an address lookup, fast background check, people search, and verify details.

Check out what the buzz is about, why you need it, and how to search and protect yourself online.

What is Fastbackgroundcheck and Why Do You Need It?

When people search for you online, you might be surprised how easy it is for them to come across your full name, website, record, address, or even phone number. Although this might seem harmless, there is really no telling what some actors might do when they get access to your information.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could be looking for someone online and are left with minimal search results — even from public records. Data brokers (similar to CheckPeople, USPhonebook, and Whitepages) like the Fastbackgroundcheck service help users do a quick phone lookup to search for people online and gain access to their phone numbers, business, website, or other contact information.

Not everyone, however, might be comfortable with their information being available on data brokers or other sites. These similar sites might also work in reverse, meaning other people could look for information provided about you.

The removal process of your information online can be tricky but once done properly, you can hide access to your address, phone number, or other information whenever someone does a reverse phone lookup or tries to do a people search with your full name or phone number.

Doing a fast backgroundcheck doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Instead of going through any website that claims to offer reverse phone lookup and other search tools, use Fastbackgroundchek and follow the simple steps below:

How to Do a People Search Online

Scanning different sites one by one, page by page, to access public records on a person you are looking for can be very time-consuming. In order to get an instant matching result without having to look page after page, it’s better to use tools like Fastbackgroundcheck or other similar sites to be able to search for people online instantly.

Follow these steps to do a fast background check:

STEP 1: Go to the Fastbagroundcheck website

STEP 2: Choose whether to do a people search, phone number search, or address lookup

If you decide to do a people search, follow these steps:

STEP 3: Type in the full name and/or city of the person you are looking for (San Francisco for example)

STEP 4: Click on the Fastbackgroundcheck button

STEP 5: Scan the page and look at the phone numbers or address of the person you are looking for to see if it matches

*Kindly note that when searching for people with the most popular last names, it’s better to be more specific and use their phone number or exact address

If you decide to do a phone lookup, follow these steps:

STEP 3: Type in the phone number you want of the person you are looking for (for multiple phone numbers, you’ll have to do this process a few times over)

STEP 4: Click on the Fastbackgroundcheck button

STEP 5: Scan the page and look at the records or contact of the person you are searching for

If you decide to do an address search, follow these steps:

STEP 3: Type in the street address and city of the person you are looking for (make sure to be specific about the city)

STEP 4: Click on the Fastbackgroundcheck button

STEP 5: Scan the page and look at the records or calling details of the person you are searching for.

How to Remove Yourself from Fastbackgroundcheck

If you’re more concerned about removing your records and personal details from data brokers or other sites and want to protect your address or calling data from any search online, you can start by sending a request to have your information taken down or denied on the site.

The complete removal process for your information online:

STEP 1: Go to the Fastbackgroundcheck website

STEP 2: Scroll down the website and click on the “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link

STEP 3: You’ll have to solve captcha in order to click the “Begin Removal Process” button

STEP 4: Once you solve captcha, you can enter your records including your full name and address (including your city)

STEP 5: Click on Background Check

STEP 6: Scan the site to look for your records (make sure you get an accurate address and phone numbers) and click on it

STEP 7: Click on the “Remove My Record” button on the website

STEP 8: Wait for 24 hours for your records to be taken offline via automatic removal and to ensure those data brokers and other similar sites won’t sell your data

When searching for people on the website, make sure to choose the search method that fits the information you have.

Fast Background Check Do’s and Don’ts

There are a couple of things to follow when doing a phone lookup or searching for public records online. Kindly note that although the information provided by the website is legally available, it isn’t always appreciated by owners or previous owners of the information (especially address).

Here are Certain Things to Follow When Searching for Public Records

  • Have A Purpose: When you search people online and are trying to gain access to public records, it is important that you have an official or important reason to do a background check.
  • Approach: If you are planning to search people and contact them through their websites or other information, make sure you approach them in a non-intrusive way and verify whether they are the owners or previous owners of the information
  • Timing: Depending on what city is indicated when you look at the person’s background data, it would be better to contact them at their most convenient time through their websites or number.

Here are Certain Things You Shouldn’t Do When Contacting Someone Online

  • Share Data Online: Although a person’s data might show up on public records, this is no excuse to further share their data online, especially without consent.
  • Use Data Illegally: Using a person’s data without their consent is considered illegal no matter what business you use the data for.

Although doing a reverse phone lookup is legal, make sure that you are not using the information you get on the website for malicious activities.

Benefits of Searching for Someone Online

There are many benefits in and out of business when it comes to being able to do a phone lookup and getting a matching result on a record you are trying to verify.

Here are the top advantages of searching for a person’s information online:

  • Better Outreach: Since the service provides access to a person’s data, you can search which website or websites they own to find a more official way to reach them and avoid being denied.
  • Record Building: Creating a record list of potential clients for your business is important. By gaining access to their information upon request, you’ll be able to gather a list of people or websites you can reach out to.
  • Understanding Demand: To decrease the chances of your businesses being denied, you can look at potential clients’ websites and study what their needs might be. By understanding what is lacking or can be improved, you can carefully shape your service to match their needs and avoid having your request denied.
  • Do Background Checks: When someone contacts you and you aren’t sure if they are legitimate, you can check their record to see if they are from competing websites or businesses.

Every business needs its own form of protection and this can be done by doing a fast backgroundcheck on different websites or people that try to reach out to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Searching for People Online Legal?

A: Yes. As long as the information will be used for lawful practice. When making a request for someone’s data, this can be used for you to do a fast backgroundcheck on them and not for anything that could damage their website or reputation.

Q: How Many People Can I Search For?

A: You can search for as many people as you want on the site. Some people, however, might not have their information available online. Although you can make a request for as many people as you want, the websites’ results depend on how much of their information is available online.

Q: How Can I Get More Specific Search Results?

A: When using a service like Fastbackground check, there are three tiers to searching for a person. Let’s say for example you are searching for people with the most popular last names, it would be better to search for their address or phone number instead of just their name. The results on the website highly depend on what information is available online.

The Fastbackgroundcheck website sifts through billions of public records to help provide information about the person you are searching for. When doing a reverse phone lookup on the website, you’ll be given access to information that is already available online and not private information that the owner doesn’t want to share.

The website makes sure to offer information that is legally shared online. Doing a reverse phone lookup, the site gives you access to names, details, a person’s relatives, and even their criminal history (if they have). This is similar to what Arrest.org does.

The site provides enough information for businesses, schools, or other people to do a background check on someone for official purposes.

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