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avoid charity scams

How Do Charity Scams Work?¬† How do you avoid charity scams? How do you prevent becoming a victim of fraud? Get your answers below.¬† When a tragic event happens, organizations, authorities and simple individuals tend to be uber-generous in giving to charity. And since many of these disasters benefit from online exposure and social media […]

man looking for seven simple steps to online privacy

Your online identity is incredibly valuable and having it stolen can leave you exposed to many threats. So if you care about your privacy and are looking for how to protect your identity online while surfing the Web, here are seven simple steps to online privacy you can follow. Wondering why you should care about […]

Holiday Online Shopping 1

Do you feel safe while online holiday shopping? The vacation countdown is on, and over 50% of holiday shoppers plan to make purchases on the internet during the 2019 period of giving. Unfortunately, it is also the time for internet scammers to create a killing — usually, on your dime. Online shopping scams, will expose […]