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internet of things privacy

  What is IOT Privacy? IoT encompasses all the devices connected to the Internet that an individual uses at home. From simple sensors to smartphones and wearables, these appliances can now communicate with each other in what seems like an entirely connected world. But it’s not all roses and sunshine in the Internet of Things […]

Learn why your Google Chrome privacy is at risk and what you can do to protect it.

Protect your Google Chrome privacy with an advanced privacy protection solution today! Google Chrome is the most often used browser on computers and smartphones; about 66 percent of people worldwide prefer it over its competitors. While Google builds strong security into its software, Google is an advertising company; Google Chrome privacy is not its main focus. If you’re not […]

Completing the Whitepages Opt Out process helps you protect your online privacy.

Providing online directory, identity verification, background check, and fraud screening services to both businesses and individuals, Whitepages is the largest website of its kind in the United States. However, the number of records held by the company is now falling as taking Whitepages opt-out measures becomes more and more popular. Still, Whitepages currently boasts the […]

Learn the Spokeo Opt Out process and protect your info today.

If you value your online privacy, you’ll likely want to remove yourself from Spokeo. Thankfully, with our straightforward instructions, you can complete a successful Spokeo opt-out in just four easy steps. We’ll also touch briefly on other websites from which you may wish to remove your personal information and explain more about the process both […]

Protect your privacy with a Been Verified Opt Out solution.

Been Verified is a database that contains your personal information. To protect your privacy, contact us for a Been Verified opt out solution today. What Is Been Verified? Been Verified is a data site that stores information such as age, address, relatives, neighbors, contact information, driving citations, arrest history and convictions, career history, social media […]

social media privacy laws

Do You Have Privacy Rights On Social Media? The fact that most social media sites collect our data and store it for future use is no new news. But what most internet users are not aware of is that there are some privacy policies and laws which, when known and used correctly, can help us […]

online privacy solutions

Hackers are becoming savvier at obtaining access to your personal information as you navigate your phone and use the Web. They sell this data, legally and illegally, at lucrative prices. In fact, public Websites contain the personal information of nine out of 10 people in the US. Online privacy solutions Online privacy solutions companies can help you […]

Living in the digital age means we’re more connected than ever, perhaps in ways that don’t always have our best interests in mind. Norton states that a 2017 Pew Research Study found that 49 percent of those in the U.S. felt their information was less secure online than five years prior. Another 64 percent indicated a data […]

isp privacy illustrated

Are you concerned about your ISP privacy? If you are, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Furthermore, you also have every right to be. It stands to reason that internet service providers or ISPs can see almost all of what we’re doing on the web. After all, it’s directly through their networks that the overwhelming majority […]

internet browsing privacy visualized

Our internet use says a lot about all of us. From doing our jobs to embracing our hobbies, we now rely on the web more than ever. That’s why your internet browsing privacy is so important. From accessing email and social media to using search engines such as Google and Bing to answer all manner […]