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opt out from radaris

Whether you want to remove negative information or just protect your privacy, it’s important to know how to opt out from Radaris. People and companies conduct Google searches on individuals every day. The results can affect your chances of getting a new job, a first date, or even your interest rates. Radaris is one of […]

social media and cyberbullying

In this time being, all parents should be well informed about social media and cyberbullying. Why? Because your child might be experiencing it at this very moment.  The statistics are nothing but scary. According to, 60% percent of teenagers have experienced online harassment. And when it comes to online bullying, there’s nothing worse than […]

online dangers for children

The internet is filled with online dangers and, as a parent, you need to prioritize teaching your children about internet privacy and safety.  Allowing a child to surf the web unsupervised is exponentially more dangerous than allowing unlimited TV time. While both are detrimental to their mental and emotional development, online threats outweigh the dangers […]

women introducing personal data online

You may be, right now, innocently scouring the web, with no recollection of the data trail you are leaving behind. Well then, we have a question for you: do you know what internet privacy is, and how the lack of it can impact your life? Think of it. In a hyper-connected world moving at a […]

whitepages opt out

Ready to opt out of Whitepages? We help you remove yourself from and other data brokers fast! Learn more today.  Whitepages website provides an online directory, identity verification, background check, and fraud screening services for businesses and individuals. But as opt out measures become more popular, the number of records they hold is now […]

group of friends following the latest tiktok trends

Ready to follow the latest TikTok trends? Read this article first to understand the dangers of sharing content and personal information on social media.  Considering the strong grip social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube have on us, it’s difficult to imagine a new site could penetrate this circle with such force ever […]

internet privacy statistics

Internet privacy statistics help paint a more accurate picture of the dangers we all face when surfing the internet. Read on to learn about some of the most eye-opening and current online privacy statistics. In case you didn’t notice, a significant part of our lives unfolds online. This is indeed somewhat exhilarating. And yet, all […]

executive privacy

Executive Privacy: You deserve to know how the collections of data in your name are monetized. The digital industry has a blanket policy of allowing privacy invasions. The digital industry’s blanket policy proceeds even to the detriment of consumers. Tools that help protect high-net-worth consumers. There are also methods that help provide executive privacy. The below […]

Get answers to your burning internet privacy FAQs today.

Protect your privacy: In this day and age, privacy is a precious commodity. In years past, there would have been almost no way for someone to find out personal information about you without a great deal of effort. Today, information about anyone on Earth is potentially just a few clicks away. Not only is there […]

cybersecurity tips

Cybersecurity Tips – Did you know that ransomware attacks have increased by over 90%? Simply put, cybercrime is becoming more rampant than ever. If you’re trying to run a successful business, then having data protection is essential. One breach could cause your entire company to go under. Are you wondering what you can do to protect […]