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How to Remove Mugshots Online

how to remove mugshots online

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How to Remove Mugshots Online: Struggling to remove mugshots online

Looking for the mugshot site’s contact information, but still coming up short? 

We get it, mugshot removal can be a tedious task. 

Thankfully, our team has been providing mugshot removal service for years and has perfected the way in which negative information such as your mugshots, arrest records, and criminal information is removed from Google.

When it comes to removing mugshots and criminal information on Google as well as other popular search engines there is one thing which can help speed up the process.  Providing dismissal, sealing, or expungement paperwork from the Judge discrediting your criminal charges.

man’s mugshot removal

Although mugshots are considered public information, there are a plethora of mugshot sites that exist online, profiting off of your unfortunate life event. Anybody can find your embarrassing information like mugshots, criminal records, and arrest records through search results from search engines. You might also wonder what are the mugshot removal websites out there, what erase mugshots price would entail, what is needed to erase mugshots, and how to remove mugshot from internet. 

So, how to get your mugshot removed fast? Let’s get started and see which is the best course of action to find your online arrest records and how to remove mugshots online.

The first step is to visit Google’s removal tool and request to have your mugshot removed. However, if the content is still published on other mugshot websites, Google will most likely refuse to remove your arrest record.

Since removing mugshots from Google images and other mugshot websites can be difficult, we provide the best mugshot removal service and offer a FREE MUGSHOTS REMOVAL ANALYSIS and help you erase mugshots and remove your records online fast. Just click here to get started. 

Mugshot Removal From Google Search – How Can I See My Mugshot and How to Remove Mugshots Online

Removing your mugshots online starts by locating what sites (such as popular sites Arrest.org and Bustedmugshots.com) have already published your arrest records.

From here on, you need to contact each individual site’s webmaster and request a mugshot removal solution.

You need to be patient though! These websites are not obligated by any laws or legislation to delete the information related to you if it is public.

Remove Mugshots From MugshotsOnline.com

If you recognize yourself on the infamous mugshotsonline.com there’s a way for you to view your mug shots online and delete mugshot effortlessly and quickly. Just click the link entitled “Remove This Mugshot” immediately below the mugshot photo. 

After clicking it, you will see a questionnaire that requests some information. Once you fulfill the form with all the answers, your mugshot will be deleted instantly from mugshotsonline.com.

mugshotsonline homepage

Sometimes you might be asked to submit a payment or legal documentation. However, throughout our removal solutions we found this situation to be rare.

The message below shows directly on their mugshot website:

“We are in the process of altering our arrest record removal policy and are unable to remove this record at this time. We do not accept payment for any record removal. “

For data and removal directions associated with expunged, dismissed, sealed, or defunct court cases, email help@mugshotsonline.com.

How to Remove Mugshots From Arrests.org – How to Remove Mugshots Online

Arrests.org is another mugshot website that ranks highly on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

The website has been around since the dawn of the mugshot industry, and is a popular resource for most looking up mugshots online.

Having your mugshot online is one thing, but having it rank high on search engine results is a whole different story. 

Thanks to online reputation management and mugshot removal services, any person can have a second chance at a clean reputation, without their online results holding them back.

Arrests.org has an easily accessible contact page to send mugshot removal inquiries to an email address. Arrests.org’s email is info@arrests.org.  

Depending on the state you select, there may be a remove mugshot record button towards the upper right side of the page.

Lately we are starting to see this button appear less frequently. Therefore, our theory is that it may be easier to remove older mugshots from online, compared to newer arrest files.

The form on this mugshot site is a little tricky to use. However the main take away you should know is to note the ending numbers on the URL connected directly to your mugshot profile.


Generally, they switch out the mugshot images with generic silhouettes in order to remain compliant with any state laws, while continuing to generate advertising revenue.

Mugshots.com Request & Removal Cost

Mugshots.com removes mugshot images for the following reasons: 

  • Expungement
  • Seal
  • No Information
  • Identity Theft
  • Death
  • Not-guilty
  • Dismissal
  • Acquitted
  • Exonerated
  • Pardoned
  • Nolle Prosequi
  • Adjudication Withheld
  • No File

Find your mugshot ID on Mugshots.com and email any, and all legal documentation to mugshots.com1@gmail.com.

For more data about Mugshots.com please click here. How to Remove Mugshots Online

If you do not have any legal documentation to provide, contacting Mugshots.com with a simple and POLITE request may at least get your photos removed. However, this is rare.

The only caveat here is that by updating a page that is currently ranking high on Google search results  may actually have adverse effects. 

When Google looks at websites, it generally favors those that update their content. So by updating your mugshot information the website sends a signal to Google that there is something “new”.

remove mugshots online from mugshots.com

How To Remove Mugshots Online From Tricountybusts.Com

Tricountybusts.com prompts on the sidebar of their website the exact instructions for how to remove mugshots from their database, send correspondence to cs@unpublishrequest.com 

TheGeorgiaGazette.com Mugshot Removal Service

Please click the link below for more information on how you can remove mugshots online from The Georgia Gazette:


Mugshot Removal Qualifications (2020):

  1. Your criminal case has been sealed according to Code Section 35-3-37
  2. Charges were dropped before your indictment
  3. Statute of limitations ended
  4. The case was sent to the prosecuting attorney then dismissed
  5. All charges were nolle prossed or dismissed
  6. Pre-trial intervention completed 
  7. Acquitted of all criminal charges

A mugshot removal request can be made by sending certified mail with a return receipt , or through the request form on their contact us page.

How To Remove A Mugshot From Tri-CountyBusts.com

For more removal information on how to request the deletion of public records you should directly email unpublishme@aol.com.

mugshots of people on tri-county busts.com

Remove Mugshots on Jailed.info

Reach out to the site’s webmaster here at contactjailed@gmail.com. 

Within your email request, make sure to include any legal documents and reasonings as to why Jailed.info should remove your mugshot.

Mugshot Removal From Rapsheetz.com

Rapsheetz.com will delete your arrest mugshot URL for the following reasoning only:

– If the case was expunged

– Death

Rapsheetz has a removal form that you can complete. Go here for more info: https://www.rapsheets.org/

Rapsheetz.com may remove the image with your case disposition as well. 

How To Remove From Busted Mugshots Online & Mugshots Online 

For more data and removal steps for expunged, dismissed, sealed, or pardoned cases, you can directly email, help@bustedmugshots.com and/or help@mugshotsonline.com

Much like the other mugshot sites, here is BustedMugshots’ disclaimer:

“We are in the process of altering our arrest record removal policy and are unable to remove this record at this time. We do not accept payment for any record removal. For information and removal instructions for expunged, restricted, sealed, or deceased cases, please send an email to help@mugshotsonline.com.”

How To Remove Mugshots From ArrestFiles.org

ArrestFiles.org removes mugshots image for the following reasons: 

  • Expungement
  • Seal
  • No Information
  • Identity Theft
  • Death
  • Not-guilty
  • Dismissal

Visit their contact link and open a support ticket. They may request supporting documentation from you. 

Removing Mugshots From TexasCrimeLog.Com

Send a polite email request to support@texascrimelog.com. 

This website may charge a fee in order to successfully remove your Texas criminal records. 

Although there are many statutes in place banning this, TexasCrimeLog is not located in the state of Texas, surprisingly. 

Therefore, the website does not have to adhere to these state’s laws.

Mugshots Removal on MugshotSearch.net, Arre.st, WantedSearch.net, & UsSupportLLC.com

Send a simple removal request email to WebSupport@USSupportLLC.com. You can also call the number listed on their online directory listing:  (855) 977-1454.

Here is a direct link to US Support LLC’s Better Business Bureau review profile:


US Support LLC solicits payment upon 90% of all mugshots removals. These webmasters operate 30+ mugshot publication websites. 

So the odds are if you find yourself on one website, you are most likely on a dozen others.

Delete A Mugshot on LafayetteMugshots.com

Head over to and submit a direct request to their webmaster: http://lafayettemugshots.com/opt-out/ 

Just like other mugshot publication sites, Lafayette Mugshots will remove your content from online if you can provide legal documentation discrediting what they published. 

Meaning, if you can send them a dismissal, sealing, or expungement document you’re more inclined to see your mugshots be removed.

Mugshot Removal From BustedNewspaper.com

Removal from Busted Newspaper depends completely on the outcome of your criminal case. 

Busted Newspaper provides easy access to their opt-out form; however, without the proper legal documents, you may never remove your mugshot from this website.

Information article from Busted Newspaper: https://bustednewspaper.com/remove-a-listing/

Remove Mugshots From Right2Know.TimesFreePress

This mugshot publication website claims to remove mugshots for anyone that can provide legal documents stating the charges were nolle prosequi (“will no longer prosecute”), dropped, dismissed, or expunged.

You can attempt to contact the TimesFreePress here, webeditor@timesfreepress.com. 

When approved, your mugshot and arrest details will be deleted from their website within five days. Right2Know has published mugshots of people arrested since late 2010.

CampusMugshots.com Removal Request

Campusmugshots.com mugshot removal process is fairly straightforward. 

Go directly to their FAQ page where they list how to remove mugshots from their site for free at no cost.

AllOnGeorgia.com Mugshot Removal Service

For more data and important information on how to remove mugshots online from AllOnGeorgia, you can first reach out to them by phone directly at 912-376-9461. 

You can also email the webmaster directly at info@allongeorgia.com. 

Lastly, you can send a request via certified mail to AllOnGeorgia LLC (P.O. Box 526, Statesboro, GA 30459).

Legislation For Removing Mugshot Sites From Search Engines

Unfortunately, if the mugshots and arrest information was published online while the case was public, even after an expungement, mugshot sites are not required to remove mugshot for you.

In 2019, states such as Florida and Georgia implemented new state legislation that barred the publications of mugshots in exchange for money or any other reasons.

 Unfortunately, that did not stop mugshot websites and other sites from continuing to post the booking information with the exception of the photo. The results are just as embarrassing and devastating, and your criminal record information might just be out there again on a different website. 

Mugshot removal can be a tedious process, and your arrest records are likely to resurface on another site even if you’ve removed them. As the best mugshot removal service online, we can help you manage your internet reputation by removing your mugshot photos. Interested in finding out more about how to protect your identity, remove your personal information from data broker sites like Been Verified and remove mugshots online?

Additionally, we provide reputation management and your criminal arrest records, regardless of your state, be it Ohio arrests or California arrests etc.

Sign up today and receive a 100% FREE PRIVACY PROTECTION CONSULTATION, verified by our satisfied mugshot removal clients.

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