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social media and cyberbullying

In this time being, all parents should be well informed about social media and cyberbullying. Why? Because your child might be experiencing it at this very moment.  The statistics are nothing but scary. According to, 60% percent of teenagers have experienced online harassment. And when it comes to online bullying, there’s nothing worse than […]

group of friends following the latest tiktok trends

Ready to follow the latest TikTok trends? Read this article first to understand the dangers of sharing content and personal information on social media.  Considering the strong grip social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube have on us, it’s difficult to imagine a new site could penetrate this circle with such force ever […]

privacy on instagram

Even though many of us can’t conceive our lives without social media, the topic of privacy and security in these networks is still somewhat of a less explored subject. In today’s article, we’ll go deep into the rules of privacy on Instagram to show you some facts and best practices to keep your data safe […]

What are the current social media security risks for businesses?

The importance of social media marketing, especially for building brand awareness, is well known. However, social media security risks for businesses are on the rise. Your company’s reputation is now at risk of attack by ex-employees, upset customers, unscrupulous competitors, and cybercriminals. And your brand is likely to suffer when public information goes viral, even […]

social media privacy laws

Do You Have Privacy Rights On Social Media? The fact that social media sites collect our data and store it for future use is not news. But what many don’t know is there are privacy laws out there that can help protect our data, no matter where we are online. Social site usage is at record highs. […]

hacker searching for digital trace

What is your digital trace, and how do hackers exploit it? Our Privacy Protection team provides answers. What Is Digital Trace Data? In the age of digital communication and widespread Internet access, our everyday online activities leave behind a flurry of evidence. And each one of these digital footprints offers insight into our lives, leaving […]

women reading about linkedin identity theft

Overview On LinkedIn And Identity Theft LinkedIn is a job hunter’s best friend. With 660 million users in 2020, the website is known today as the largest online networking platform for professionals seeking to enhance their careers. Does it all seem just too good to be true? Maybe because it is!  And here’s where the […]

man looking for seven simple steps to online privacy

Your online identity is incredibly valuable and having it stolen can leave you exposed to many threats. So if you care about your privacy and are looking for how to protect your identity online while surfing the Web, here are seven simple steps to online privacy you can follow. Wondering why you should care about […]

social media cyber security

What Are The Security Risks Of Social Media Enforcing social media cyber security across your online accounts should be at the top of your mind.  Social networking sites have become an undeniable source of information. They help us connect, promote our businesses and gain the attention of new potential customers. But they can also leave […]

Protect Your Identity on Facebook -

Are there any ways to protect your identity on Facebook? Assess your Facebook timeline. Odds are that with hardly any scrolling there are examples of oversharing by your friends and loved ones. Not only embarrassing photographs and personal details which nobody needs to hear, but for advice that may result in identity theft. Within my […]