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woman checking tinder privacy

Twenty years ago, we used to rely on family and friends to meet a potential spouse. But as times change, so has the way we search for the “One”. The use of the internet has triggered a revolution in how we meet, interact, and fall in love with each other. Single or not, you’ve probably […]

family looking to define internet safety

Can You Define Internet Safety? Everything and everyone is online nowadays, and probably so are you. But have you ever wondered what it takes to be safe on the internet?  When asking people to define internet safety, you’ll be surprised to discover that a great majority of internet users lack the basic notions of online […]

avoid charity scams

How Do Charity Scams Work?  How do you avoid charity scams? How do you prevent becoming a victim of fraud? Get your answers below.  When a tragic event happens, organizations, authorities and simple individuals tend to be uber-generous in giving to charity. And since many of these disasters benefit from online exposure and social media […]

Get the removal script here.

Need a removal script? For help removing your mugshot fast, contact us today.    First impressions are everything. From first dates to job interviews to home loan applications, how you appear at first glance matters. This is why having a mugshot online can be devastating to your future prospects. Even if the police […]

Get a Background Check Removal solution before it's too late!

In today’s world, many people will form an opinion about you based largely upon what they read about you on the Internet. A less than perfect background check published on the Internet can seriously color their opinion; in these cases, your reputation would benefit from a background check removal. How Background Check Sites Affect You Many […]

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Remove your mugshot with a proven removal solution! If you’ve landed yourself in trouble with the law, chances are your mugshot appears online. A company like displays relevant and up-to-date reports of arrests for the benefit of the wider community. If you have been arrested and see your mugshot on their website, with the proper […]

Internet privacy monitoring puts you in control of your online reputation

When it comes to internet privacy monitoring, you should take no chances. Failure to protect your privacy increases the risk of financial loss and other damages. Internet privacy monitoring helps reduce the risk of: Identity Theft Becoming a Victim of Fraud Loss of Valuable Proprietary Data Liability Exposure for Data Breaches Damage to an Online Reputation […]

internet of things privacy

Learn more about common Internet of Things privacy issues and how to protect your personal data today.  What is IoT Privacy? IoT encompasses all the devices connected to the Internet that an individual uses at home. From simple sensors to smartphones, these appliances communicate with each other in what seems like an entirely connected world. But […]

man searching for why it’s important to update software regularly

  Are you wondering why it’s important to update software regularly?   When you update your software regularly, you are essentially protecting your online privacy. Here’s how to keep your computer software up-to-date and ready to face all cyberthreats.  We live in a digital era where computer activity occupies a significant part of our daily […]