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isp privacy illustrated

Are you concerned about your ISP privacy? If you are, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Furthermore, you also have every right to be. It stands to reason that internet service providers or ISPs can see almost all of what we’re doing on the web. After all, it’s directly through their networks that the overwhelming majority […]

internet browsing privacy visualized

Our internet use says a lot about all of us. From doing our jobs to embracing our hobbies, we now rely on the web more than ever. That’s why your internet browsing privacy is so important. From accessing email and social media to using search engines such as Google and Bing to answer all manner […]

hacker searching for digital trace

What is your digital trace, and how do hackers exploit it? Our Privacy Protection team provides answers. What Is Digital Trace Data? In our modern age of digital communication and ubiquitous Internet access, whether we want it or not, our everyday online activities leave hundreds of traces in the digital world. Each one of these […]

how to erase your digital footprint

How Do I Delete All Traces From The Internet? If you are looking for how to erase your digital footprint you might be surprised to discover that it might not be as easy as you had initially thought. But since we often receive questions like “How do I clear my digital footprint?” or “How do […]

women reading about linkedin identity theft

Overview On LinkedIn And Identity Theft LinkedIn is a job hunter’s best friend. With 660 million users in 2020, the website is known today as the largest online networking platform for professionals seeking to enhance their careers. Does it all seem just too good to be true? Maybe because it is!  And here’s where the […]

internet security tools

Internet Security Tools A Must In 2021 If you’ve ever had to suffer because of a  network intrusion or computer virus, you’re probably well aware of how important security software is, and why it’s essential to protect yourself when online. A virus attack can leave you with expensive and troublesome problems, problems that might have […]

how to avoid catfishing when dating online

What Are The Dangers Of Catfishing? Internet dating has become increasingly popular over the last few years. But with so many online dating sites, and such a multitude of individuals using them, learning how to avoid catfishing is an essential skill for anyone searching for love on the Internet. Each week, thousands of new men […]

online privacy issues in 2020

What Is Privacy Online? More and more people access the Internet nowadays, most of them unaware of the online privacy issues lurking all around the digital world. Other than the risk of being the victims of identity theft, one other thing many Internet users are totally oblivious of is that – while they surf the […]

privacy and online safety settings

Do Privacy And Online Safety Settings Matter? If you are among the people who believe that privacy and online safety settings don’t matter much, here’s some food for thought. According to the 2020 Official Annual Cybercrime Report by Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is one of the biggest threats mankind is facing nowadays. With predictions estimating the […]