November 9, 2022, Posted By John M Opt Out: Complete Guide To Protecting Your Privacy

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Learn how to complete the opt-out procedure and take charge of your internet privacy with our step-by-step guide below.

Searching online has become an everyday activity for millions of people; internet users all around the globe search for different things across search engines like Google. People can access a vast amount of information by simply typing keywords on the search bar and browsing through the search results.

While the information may include academic, historical, or scientific data, it can also be about people. You can search for a celebrity you have never met or a friend you haven’t talked to in the last five years. Given this convenience, accessing personal information online has become so easy.

Though Google makes it possible to access the personal information of different people, some specialized sites and services focus on this type of data. They are generally called data brokers. A more specific data broker that focuses on people search engines is called a people search site.

MyLife is one of those sites. Find out more about MyLife, the implications of being included in it, and the step-by-step MyLife opt out process.

MyLife: A Data Broker And People Search Site

You’ve likely stumbled across MyLife if you have searched for someone or yourself online. MyLife is considered both a data broker and a people search site.

Like other data brokers such as Whitepages, Truthfinder, TruePeopleSearch, USPhonebook, Peoplelooker, Nuwber, etc., MyLife collects information from various public records, processes it, and offers it publicly on its database.

The specific information that MyLife collects, however, pertains to personal info. Its service also offers a search engine dedicated to people searching alone. Hence, it is no doubt that MyLife is also a people search site.

Where Does MyLife Get Information?

MyLife collects data from a variety of sources. In most cases, it scrapes through public records or records that public agencies keep. These records could include the following.

  • Court documents
  • Criminal background history records
  • Birth and death records
  • Census data
  • Other county and state records

Aside from diving into these records, MyLife also browses other sites and sources, including social media sites, press releases, and news articles. MyLife collects the following information:

  • Name
  • Age and location
  • Home address
  • Current address and previous addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email account
  • Social media accounts and relevant profiles
  • Family members

What Does MyLife Do With Personal Information Online?

MyLife collects all of this information to form what is known as a MyLife background report. This report is a person’s profile page containing the individual’s personal information.

This report contains the person’s basic information and a summary to describe the person. A whole page in MyLife is dedicated to each person’s profile.

Aside from that, MyLife also analyzes all of this information and sources and comes up with a reputation score. This score is also included on the person’s page.

How Is MyLife Different From Google Search?

You may wonder if MyLife is the same as the globally acknowledged Google search. Before diving into their differences, let’s first see how these two different sites are similar to each other.

Both Have Their Search Bar And Engine

Both services allow their users and visitors to search for something. All that users need to do is to type in a few keywords onto the search field and then click the search button. You can browse through the results afterward.

MyLife Is A Specialized People Search Site

However, unlike Google, MyLife is a specialized people search site. This specialization means that MyLife focuses mainly on people and personal information.

While it is likely that you can find the same information on Google, the said search engine is bound to offer broader results. If you want narrowed search results, specialized people search sites like MyLife may be a favorable option.

What If You Find Your Listing On MyLife?

While it is likely for you to find listings of other people on MyLife, you may find your listing as well. Even if it was posted anonymously, in such a case, your MyLife profile and private information are available to anyone’s eyes.

Even if others may be okay with this, you should not turn a blind eye to how this publicity can lead to online privacy concerns on your end. Publicizing your personal information makes you vulnerable to privacy compromises, data breaches, and becoming a victim of cybercrimes such as identity theft.

Protect Your Privacy By Opting Out Of MyLife

In such a case, one concrete thing you can do to protect your online privacy is to opt out of MyLife. You have to request them to have your information deleted proactively. If you do not do anything about it, MyLife will not take the initiative to remove your personal information.

How To Opt Out Of MyLife

That being said, how then should you opt out of MyLife?

If you want to remove yourself from MyLife through MyLife’s opt out page, follow this opt out process:

STEP 1: Proceed to the MyLife website.

STEP 2: Provide your first and last name, then click the magnifying glass icon.

STEP 3: Look for your listing. Make sure that you locate the correct listing.

STEP 4: Once you find your listing, do the “copy link address” function.

STEP 5: Proceed to MyLife’s opt out page.

STEP 6: Paste the URL of your listing for which you did the “copy link address” function.

STEP 7: Agree with the terms.

STEP 8: Supply your primary email address or temporary email and other necessary information.

STEP 9: Provide the CAPTCHA validation.

STEP 10: Select the “opt out” function.

After doing so, you should receive a verification email from MyLife with a specific verification code for your request. Check your spam or junk mail if it doesn’t reach your inbox.

You can also contact MyLife customer service

Aside from going through the opt out process provided above, you can contact MyLife customer support by calling them or sending an email and presenting your request.

Make sure to supply your name, the correct profile URL of your listing, and your request to remove yourself from MyLife.

After doing so, MyLife customer care should cater to your request to remove information from If you do not receive a reply, follow up on your previous request.

Things To Know When You Opt Out Of MyLife

  • Your MyLife profile can affect your online reputation. It goes beyond the reputation score that MyLife includes in its report. The information from that people can access can affect your overall online reputation. While this could work in your favor, it could also work negatively—especially if your profile is filled with negative or inaccurate information.
  • Your removal request does not get processed instantly. It takes time for MyLife to check and process its received removal requests.
  • Unless you do something about it, your MyLife profile will likely remain. You have to be proactive in your request to delete your personal information. It would be best if you took the initiative to opt out. You cannot expect MyLife to remove your record from its database.
  • MyLife is not the only people search site you may be listed on. The internet is filled with other people search sites that harbor the personal information of millions of people. MyLife is just one of them. Hence, if you have a listing on MyLife, you may also want to check other people search sites. If necessary, you should opt out of these other sites, too.
  • You can entrust the MyLife opt out process and removal from other people search websites to a professional. As mentioned previously, there are other people search sites aside from MyLife. If you find your listing on MyLife and other websites, opting out one by one may be a hassle. Instead of going through the stressful process, you can opt for professional removal services to do the work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long Does It Take For MyLife To Process Opt Out Requests?

A: In most cases, opt out takes one to two weeks to process the removal request.

Q: Is MyLife Legal And Legitimate?

A: MyLife is a legally recognized people search site and data broker. It gets its information from public records kept by public agencies. The site is both legal and legitimate.

Q: Are Professional Removal Services Worth It?

A: Opting for professional removal services may be the perfect fix for those who do not have the time or the capacity to endure the stress. This way, you can entrust the entire request process to the professional. These professionals can even go the extra mile in protecting and preserving your online privacy strategically.

Q: Does MyLife Cover People From All Around The World?

A: MyLife has not expanded its reach to a global scale. The people listed on the site are mainly based in the United States.

Q: What Sites Are Similar To MyLife?

A: The internet is filled with thousands of people search sites. Aside from MyLife, some of the most prominent ones include TruthFinder, Locate People Org, Peek You, and Fast People Search.