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Intelius Opt-Out: Easy Ways to Remove Your Information

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Online privacy is a growing concern for many individuals.

One company that has come under scrutiny for the amount of personal information it collects and shares is Intelius.

We will explore what Intelius is, why someone would want to opt out of it, and how to do so.

From removing personal information from search sites to the risks of not opting out, we will cover everything you need to know to safeguard your privacy online.

Key Takeaways:

  • Opting out of Intelius is a simple process that can be done through the website, written request, or phone call.
  • Information such as personal details, contact information, and criminal records can be removed through the opt-out process.
  • Not opting out of Intelius can put you at risk for identity theft and your personal information being sold to third parties.

What is Intelius?

Intelius is a prominent data broker that provides access to public records and personal information.

As a renowned player in the data brokerage industry, Intelius offers a wide array of services for users seeking access to public data tools, records, and personal details. By leveraging its advanced tools and technology, Intelius enables individuals to conveniently search for information such as contact details, criminal records, property records, and more. While the platform gives the power tos users with valuable data insights, it also underscores the importance of maintaining data privacy and ensuring the security of user information. Intelius prioritizes data protection measures to safeguard sensitive data and uphold user privacy rights.

Why Would Someone Want to Opt Out of Intelius?

Individuals may choose to opt out of Intelius to safeguard their privacy and prevent the dissemination of personal data.

Safeguarding personal information is a paramount concern in today’s digital age, where data privacy breaches have become increasingly common. By submitting a data removal request to Intelius, individuals can take control of their online presence and limit the exposure of sensitive details. The ability to manage and protect personal data plays a crucial role in ensuring that individuals have a say in how their information is shared and used. Opting out of Intelius gives the power tos individuals to maintain their privacy boundaries and reduce the risk of identity theft and unwarranted access to personal data.

How to Opt-Out of Intelius?

Opting out of Intelius can be accomplished by following a simple process that entails validating your email and utilizing the suppression page.

  1. You need to access your email and locate the verification email sent by Intelius. Open the email and click on the verification link provided to confirm your request.
  2. After email verification, proceed to Intelius’ website and navigate to the suppression page. Once there, fill in the required details, such as your name, address, and other identifying information.
  3. Follow the opt-out process as prompted, ensuring that you review and confirm the information before finalizing the removal of your data from Intelius’s database.

Opt-Out Through the Intelius Website

To opt-out through the Intelius website, users can navigate to the designated opt-out page and submit their removal requests.

Once on the Intelius website, users should locate the ‘Opt-Out’ section, typically found at the bottom of the homepage. This section contains all the necessary information and forms for data removal requests. Submitting a removal request is a straightforward process; users need to fill out the required fields, including their name, email address, and the specific information they want to be removed. After completing the form, users simply click ‘Submit request’ to initiate the removal process.

Opt-Out Through a Written Request

Alternatively, users can opt out of Intelius by submitting a written request to the data broker directly.

When crafting a written request for opting out from Intelius, individuals should include their full legal name, current address, and any relevant contact information. Clear and concise language is key for a successful request. Once the letter is ready, it can be sent via certified mail to the address provided on the Intelius website or contact page. It is crucial to keep a copy of the request for personal records and to track the delivery status.

Opting out of Intelius can have significant implications for personal data privacy, limiting the amount of information that data brokers can access and share. This proactive step can help individuals regain control over their digital footprint and enhance their online privacy.

Opt-Out Through a Phone Call

Users can opt out of Intelius by contacting the company via phone call and following the opt-out process outlined for removal requests.

When opting out of Intelius through a phone call, it is essential to dial the customer service number provided on their website or in their terms of service. Upon connecting with a representative, users should clearly state their request to opt-out and provide any necessary verification details for account identification purposes.

The agent will guide users through the verification process to ensure the request is legitimate. It is important to listen carefully to any additional instructions or information provided during the call to complete the opt-out successfully.

What Information Will Be Removed?

The information that will be removed upon opting out of Intelius includes personal details, criminal records, addresses, and contact information.

When you choose to opt out of Intelius, several types of sensitive information can be eliminated from your records. This removal process covers a range of personal data such as your full name, date of birth, and any associated contact details like phone numbers and email addresses. Intelius will also erase any criminal records linked to your profile to enhance your privacy and security. Address details, including current and previous residences, are part of the information that will be deleted upon opting out of Intelius.

Personal Information

Opting out of Intelius will ensure the removal of personal information from the data broker’s database, enhancing user privacy and control over their data.

This proactive step not only safeguards individuals’ sensitive details but also gives the power tos users to have a say in how their information is handled online. Privacy concerns have become a top priority in our digitally driven society, with the increased vulnerability to identity theft, risks of data breaches, and intrusive marketing practices placing data protection at the forefront. By taking control and utilizing tools like Intelius opt-out features, users can actively manage their digital footprint, ensuring that their data remains in their hands.

Address and Phone Number

Upon opting out of Intelius, your address and phone number entries in public records and property records will be removed.

This removal can significantly enhance your privacy and security by reducing the exposure of your personal contact information to the public. This means that unknown individuals or entities would no longer have easy access to your physical location and contact details.

Removing such details can help prevent potential unwanted solicitations, identity theft, or fraud attempts that might stem from having your address and phone number readily available in public databases.

Criminal Records

The removal process from Intelius includes the elimination of any criminal records linked to your name, address, or phone number.

Opting out of Intelius not only ensures the deletion of your details from public records but also takes a notable step in safeguarding your privacy and security. By removing any criminal records associated with your information, you can prevent any potential misuse or exploitation of this sensitive data.

It’s important to understand that criminal records, addresses, and phone numbers are closely interconnected in the digital sphere. When these details are linked, they can inadvertently expose individuals to various risks, including identity theft or unwarranted scrutiny.

How Long Does it Take for Information to be Removed?

The duration for information to be removed after opting out of Intelius may vary, and users can track and record their data removal journey during this process.

Once an individual decides to opt out of Intelius, the removal timeline can range from a few days to several weeks depending on the specific circumstances. Factors such as the volume of data associated with the user, the complexity of the removal process, and the efficiency of the data management systems can all influence the removal duration.

Users have the option to monitor the progress of their data removal through a tracking system provided by Intelius. This feature allows users to stay informed about the status of their data removal request and offers transparency throughout the removal process.

Are There Any Alternatives to Opting Out of Intelius?

Plus opting out of Intelius, users can consider alternatives such as opting for a paid subscription or contacting third-party data brokers.

Regarding safeguarding your personal information, exploring these alternative options can provide added layers of protection. By choosing to invest in a paid subscription, users not only gain access to enhanced privacy controls but also benefit from additional features like identity theft protection and credit monitoring services.

Reaching out to reputable third-party data brokers can offer insights into how your data is being managed and potentially provide avenues for further data protection measures. Such interactions may lead to a better understanding of data privacy practices across multiple platforms.

Opting for a Paid Subscription

One alternative to opting out of Intelius is to subscribe to a paid service that offers additional features and control over personal data.

When opting for a paid subscription, users can enjoy benefits such as enhanced search results, advanced background checks, and access to more detailed information about individuals. These services often provide a higher level of data accuracy and allow for continuous monitoring of any changes or updates to the information available to people search sites.

Paid subscribers usually have the option to request verification codes for specific data points, adding an extra layer of security and confidence in the details obtained. This verification process ensures that the data is reliable and up-to-date, giving users peace of mind when accessing personal information.

Contacting Third-Party Data Brokers

Users can explore the option of contacting third-party data brokers to manage their data and removal requests, ensuring greater control over their privacy.

When dealing with third-party data brokers as an alternative to Intelius, individuals initiate a crucial step in safeguarding their personal information. By reaching out to these other data brokers, users gain the opportunity to review and adjust the data stored about them, dictating what can be shared and with whom. This proactive approach gives the power tos users to take charge of their online presence and protect their sensitive data from unauthorized access. Through effective communication and clear guidelines, users can assert their rights and maintain a level of control over their digital footprint.

What Are the Risks of Not Opting Out of Intelius?

Failing to opt out of Intelius may expose individuals to risks such as potential identity theft and the unauthorized dissemination of personal and sensitive information.

When personal data falls into the wrong hands, the repercussions can be devastating. Instances of identity theft can lead to financial loss, damage to credit scores, and even legal issues. Your personal and sensitive information, which should be safeguarded at all costs, could end up in the hands of cybercriminals or other malicious entities, compromising your privacy and security.

By not opting out of Intelius, you are essentially granting permission for your data to be shared and utilized without your consent. This can result in intrusive marketing practices, targeted scams, and a loss of control over how your information is being used.

Potential Identity Theft

One of the significant risks of not opting out of Intelius is the potential for identity theft, which can compromise personal information and sensitive data.

Identity theft occurs when a perpetrator gains access to an individual’s personal details, such as social security numbers, financial records, or login credentials, with the intention of fraudulent activities.

Identity theft can lead to severe consequences, including financial loss, damaged credit scores, and emotional distress.

By not opting out of Intelius, individuals are essentially increasing their exposure to potential cyber threats and putting their personal and financial well-being at risk.

Risk of Personal Information Being Sold

Another risk of not opting out of Intelius is the potential sale of personal information to third parties, compromising user privacy and data integrity.

This can lead to a range of privacy concerns, such as targeted advertising, identity theft, and breaches of confidentiality.

Personal data shared with third parties can be used for unauthorized purposes, exposing individuals to various risks. Users need to understand the implications of allowing their information to be freely shared without restrictions. By not taking action to protect their data, individuals may inadvertently be contributing to the widespread issue of data exploitation in the digital age.


In conclusion, opting out of Intelius is a crucial step in safeguarding your privacy and controlling the dissemination of personal data.

By choosing to remove your information from Intelius, you are taking proactive measures to limit the exposure of your sensitive data to potential privacy breaches and unauthorized access. This action gives you the power tos you to dictate who has access to your details, reducing the risk of identity theft and unwanted solicitations.

Maintaining control over your online presence is vital in today’s digital age, where data privacy concerns are at the forefront of cybersecurity discussions. Therefore, making use of the data removal services provided by Intelius can greatly enhance your privacy protection efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Intelius Opt-Out and why should I care about it?

Intelius Opt-Out is a service that allows you to request the removal of your personal information from the Intelius database. This is important because Intelius collects and sells personal information, which can be used for identity theft or other malicious purposes.

2. How can I opt out of Intelius and remove my information from their database?

There are several easy ways to opt out of Intelius and remove your information. You can either submit an online opt-out request, send a written request by mail, or call their opt-out hotline. All of these options are free of charge.

3. Will removing my information from Intelius Opt-Out protect my privacy?

While opting out of sites with Intelius Opt-Out can help protect your privacy, it is not a guarantee. Some other websites and databases may still have your personal information. It is important to regularly monitor your online presence and take steps to protect your privacy.

4. How long does it take for Intelius to process an opt-out request?

Intelius typically processes opt-out requests within 72 hours of receiving them. However, it may take up to 7 days for the information to be removed from their database. If you continue to see your information on the site after 7 days, you can contact their customer support for assistance.

5. Is it necessary to opt out of Intelius if I have already submitted a Do Not Sell request?

While submitting a Do Not Sell request may limit the sale of your personal information, it does not guarantee the removal of your information from Intelius. It is recommended to also opt out of Intelius Opt-Out to ensure your information is completely removed from their database.

6. Are there any downsides to opting out of Intelius?

The only downside to opting out of Intelius is that it may limit your access to its services and products in the future. However, the protection of your personal information and privacy is worth the trade-off. You can always opt in again if you decide to use their services in the future.