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Everything You Need to Know About the IDTrue Opt Out

idtrue opt out

The IDTrue opt out process can be challenging. With our step-by-step guide, you can protect your online privacy easier than ever before.

In the era of the internet users going online and searching for personal details – no one is protected. In case you shared your details online, no matter if they were on a public log-in page or on your social media, every data broker website will be able to scape them and post them on their website. If you are concerned about having your personal information readily available online, you can check out our guide to removing yourself from these sites.

Sometimes, such websites like IDTrue, CheckPeople, TruePeopleSearch, Fast People Search, and Whitepages are even paying data miners to scrape data for them in order to be published on these data broker sites. The painful truth about this is that there is nothing that we can do about it since we consciously shared those details online.

Sharing these details online is totally legal, and we can only calmly approach these websites and kindly ask them to take those details from their website. ID True is one of those data brokers, and they are people search engines. If you are a US citizen, the probability that your name will appear in the search results are really high. But, let us see what is ID True briefly to know exactly what kind of business they are doing.

What is IDTrue?

ID True is one of the biggest search engines that are for public records and is developed to give details on both individuals and brands/businesses. They state that if you go on their website or mobile application, you will be able to search data across federal, state, country, and city databases in the United States.

Some of the details that you will be able to locate on ID True are phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, arrest and criminal history, divorce and marriage records, social media accounts, bankruptcies, court records, evictions, businesses, licenses, known associates and related people and other records.

All in all, this is a complete search engine when it comes to locating data on individuals and enterprises that can be used for personal and research needs.

How do I opt-out of IDTrue?

Since many people are not happy that their details can be so easily found online, they are reaching for the feature to opt out from such websites and remove their personal information and start the removal request. We are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to initiate the opt-out process and remove this data quickly

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to go to the website link www.idtrue.com/optout/index.php and start by searching for the information you want to remove, in this case, your first and last name and state of residence.
  2. Once you get the search results, find the correct details that are identifying your details. After you locate yourself in the results, you will need to press the “This Is Me” green button on the right side of the results.
  3. In order to proceed with the removal, you will need to confirm your identity and input your email address. After you enter the email address you will receive an email where you will need to confirm and proceed to finalize the request. You can remove 3 details with one email, and if you need to remove more, you need to use a different email address for more opt-outs.
  4. Now you will be at the point to complete a CAPTCHA and prove that you are a human in order to move on and locate the opt-out tab.
  5. After you finish this step, then you will receive a verification link on the email address that you provided. At this point, they suggest to go ahead and check your junk or spam folder since the email might end up there, and click or paste the link they provided in a browser of your choice.
  6. The link will lead you to a page from ID True that will let you know that the records were successfully removed from their website.

Even if they state that the details were removed, it will usually take several days to completely fulfill the request. You will not get a confirmation link or email for the request, but if you get the green tick, means it was performed successfully. A big chunk of websites that work with data brokerage cannot have the data removed immediately, so no need to panic.

Also, be aware that the data might be re-uploaded on the website, so you will need to keep an eye on these websites and make sure that your details will never appear again over there. Another point to know is that this opt-out form is for ID True only and for other sites you will need to separately go and search opt-out forms there as well.

How much does IDTrue cost?

In case you want to be part of their subscription plan, you can go ahead and sign up with the two of the subscription offers they have.

  • 1-month Membership priced at $22.86 per month
  • 3-month Membership priced at $14.86 per month

If you are not satisfied with the service this provider gives, you also will be able to cancel the subscription and avoid paying for a service that you do not want to use.

You will be able to cancel your account if you call their customer service at 1-800-443-2205 between 6 AM and 6 PM, Monday to Friday. There are various reviews online that their customer service is not very effective, but if you are persistent enough, you will be able to get to them and request cancellation of the service.

Just be sure that you have your email address and all the basic data you use to log in to your account in order to speed up the cancellation process. Do not quit if you are in queue to get to a customer care agent since this is the only method to request cancellation.

There are various services online that can assist you with maintaining and canceling accounts with services, but this method we shared here is in case you want to do it manually and by yourself.

We understand your situation. You want to keep your data away from the web for security purposes and completely remove your information from such websites. The true hustle about this is that you will need to remove your record from every location and fill out countless forms in a week, contact numerous customer support agents and follow instructions.

You cannot have your data removed instantly and you need to be patient if you are at this stage. We believe that you will find our guide helpful and that it will guide you to clean your data from the internet.

Need more help removing your information from people search websites? Contact us now!

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