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Have a Mugshots.com Removal Script? If Not, We Can Help

mugshots com removal script

Need a Mugshots.com removal script? For help getting your mugshot removed from Mugshots.com and other mugshot websites fast, contact us today

First impressions are everything. From first dates to job interviews to home loan applications, how you appear at first glance matters. This is why having a mugshot online can be devastating for your future.

Even if the police never charged you with a crime or the court found you innocent, an arrest mugshot can linger for years. At Internet Privacy, we understand how important it is to manage your private information on the internet. That is why we compiled a free Mugshots.com removal script for removing that image fast.

Freedom From Your Past

No one should ever feel trapped by the past.

But did you know up to 95% of job hiring involves some kind of criminal background check?

A Mugshots.com mugshot can be detrimental to any new job offer. That’s why we ensure you have the right Mugshots.com removal script to get rid of that image that doesn’t represent who you are.

Keep Your Private Information Private

The internet is a blessing and a curse. Though it can be a great research and entertainment tool, you don’t have to be an IT wizard to locate an arrest warrant or mugshot online.

A mugshot can ruin romantic prospects before they even take flight. And, honestly, society commonly discriminates against people with a criminal history. This makes it difficult for those with past mistakes to grow and move forward in their lives.

We strive to provide customers with a Mugshots.com removal script that can help them remove their mugshots, get a fresh start, and take control of their own private information.

What Are Mugshots?

What is a mugshot? Well, when the police make an arrest, they generally complete what is called booking. Taking your mugshot is one step in this process.

A mugshot is the photo police take of you. It usually includes a full front-facing view, a side-facing profile, and a close-range snapshot of you.

Who Can See Mugshots?

The good news? Many states now have laws that reduce the publication of mugshots online. In fact, more than a dozen states want stricter control of online mugshot publications.

Some of these laws prevent online mugshot publication entirely. Others make it illegal to charge for mugshot removal. And a few even make access to mugshots that much harder.

But the bad news is not all states have these protective laws in place. As a result, when you face arrest and booking, your mugshot often becomes public and shared without your consent.

The Value Of Criminal Case Expungement

What is expungement and why is it valuable in removing mugshots online?

In short, expungement is the process of removing or sealing your criminal record.

Once you expunge your record, it is no longer accessible by the public. Because statutes label mugshots a part of your record, expunging your records removes those as well.

If you can successfully expunge or seal your criminal record, you don’t have to disclose that record to landlords, schools, or employers.

Cost Of Mugshot Removal

Do you need to pay a fee to remove your mugshot? Not necessarily. The cost of removal depends on how you choose to go about it. But it is important to avoid online criminal record scams whenever possible.

There are paths to remove your mugshot without falling victim to sketchy scams. For example, by having the right Mugshots.com removal script.

In 2018, authorities exposed a scam by Mugshots.com. And what was the scam? Well, the website was charging nearly $400/each to remove mugshots from the site!

Over three years, that scam added up to $2.4 million in profit!

Since then, the site has reorganized operations. Still, the lesson remains. Be careful of people taking advantage of those trying to repair their online presence.

Attorney Mugshot Removal

Can attorneys remove mugshots online? Yes, attorneys can remove mugshots. But hiring an attorney is often very costly.

Attorneys typically bill by the hour and outsource mugshot removal to specialized providers to cut down on time. So while you can hire an attorney to remove your mugshot online, be aware you’re probably paying both an attorney and a removal specialist.

If you follow our Mugshots.com removal script, you can do the job yourself without needing to spend huge amounts of money.

Mugshot Collection Websites

There are multiple places to access and view mugshots online. For instance, Arrest.org and Bustedmugshots.com are other popular websites on top of Mugshots.com. This can make the process of removing your mugshot complicated and tedious.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of the most common mugshot collection websites online and the removal process for each.

How To Request a Mugshot Removal

The first step in removing a mugshot online is to contact the website and request a removal. Nine times out of ten, the websites comply. Understand that arrest and mugshot information is public and can be published without consent online.

Remove Your Mugshot From Google

The mother of all mugshot sources is Google. That said, it is not always easy to remove results from search pages. An effective way to eliminate your mugshot from Google is to remove your private information from the source URL.

But the best way to eliminate private information from search engines is to work with an online reputation company.

Google also offers a removal request process. Unfortunately, this can be a lengthy process and has no guarantee of success.

MugshotsOnline.com Removal Script

To remove your mugshot from MugshotsOnline.com, navigate to the site and click on the ‘remove this mugshot’ link. Fill out the form with some information, and upon submission, the site will delete your mugshot.

Mugshots.com Removal Script

If your court case was expunged, sealed, or dismissed, Mugshots.com will take down your image. Per the Mugshots.com removal script: email your documentation proof to the link on the site to begin this process.

Rapsheets.org Removal Script

If you expunged or sealed your court case, Rapsheets.org will remove the mugshot. Send proof of identification and court documentation to info@rapsheets.org to begin the process.

At times, a mugshot collection website will offer the choice of uploading favorable case outcomes. We suggest not following this route, as any new information may increase the chance your mugshot will appear at the top of Google search.

BustedMugshots.com Removal Script

BustedMugshots.com is the largest searchable arrest and mugshot collection base online. They will remove mugshots for

  • Expunged cases
  • Restricted cases
  • Sealed cases
  • Deceased defendant cases

To begin the removal process on Bustedmugshots.com, fill out the information on their site and click submit.

Information Overload

If the process of requesting mugshot removal on each site becomes daunting, we understand. There are other ways to limit that photo’s exposure without the complicated task of removal.

You can simply cheat the search engines by overloading the results with newer photos of yourself.

The process is simple. Take new photos of yourself and post them to social media. Websites that bring up photos the most during search include:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress

Please note it is crucial your privacy setting be set to the public. This makes it possible for new photos to pop up on Google.

Take Back Control

Did you find our Mugshots.com removal script helpful? You can also look at our guide to removing your mugshots from other sites like Mugshots.com.

For over ten years, our team has protected the precious online privacy of our customers. 

We utilize the most advanced tools to hunt down each trace of your name online. Discreet and confidential, we work tirelessly to ensure your private information stays private.

An advantage of hiring InternetPrivacy is that we know it’s all about securing online privacy and speeding up online mugshot removal. We have helped thousands of people remove private information and mugshots from online databases.

For more information about removing your mugshot online, contact our online privacy team today.