May 17, 2021, Posted By John M

All You Need To Know About Cybercrime Prevention

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Wondering why cybercrime prevention is so important nowadays? Read this blog to discover what cybercrime is, what types of cybercrimes to protect yourself from, and how to stay safe when surfing the web.

We are living in a digital era. And these days, people get threatened by cybercriminals targeting individuals and public or private entities every day.

You may have heard about hackers who can steal your personal information (using information aggregating sites like LexisNexis or Truthfinder)financial information, such as your credit card data or PayPal account.

Or about identity thieves who practice identity theft by accessing your social media accounts.

Below, you’ll discover how to keep both yourself and your family safe when navigating online. You’ll also learn how to recognize the different types of cybercrime before they can cause you harm.

And for those of you who don’t know what cybercrimes are, or what you need to do to prevent them, read on!

The Risks Of Becoming a Victim Of Computer Crime

According to the 2019 WEF’s global risk report, cyber-attacks are ranked among the top five global risks likely to affect humankind, just after natural disasters and data fraud. 

Other studies show that one in five Americans has had personal information stolen or an account compromised because of online activities.

On top of that, one in five businesses has paid a ransom to recover their data, only to never get their files back. 

And while you might be familiar with malware attacks or online fraud, have you ever wondered how these crimes actually happen? Or more importantly, who stands behind them?

Before looking into cybercrime prevention, let’s first see what a cybercrime is.

What Is a Cybercrime?

Cybercrime entails any offense that takes place online and involves stealing data from an internet-enabled device. Most cybercriminals simply want your money. Only a few do it for the thrill of the game without any interest in financial gain.

Worried that you might not be able to recognize a cyber attack?

Luckily, there are many ways to protect yourself.

One is to pay more attention to the so-called “phishing scam” emails that promise a prize in exchange for your data. 

The intent behind these emails is to tempt you with false promises and convince you to hand over private info. The hacker’s biggest win is when they fool you into giving up your banking or credit card info.

Phishing emails can look very real, much like those you might receive from well-known companies like Paypal, Amazon, or eBay.

If you care about cybercrime prevention, avoid clicking on any email that looks even a bit suspicious. If you do and transfer to a new page asking for your account info or personal data, contact your bank or the company immediately.

Most likely, the email will be a phishing attempt.

types of cybercrime

Common Types Of Cybercrime

When it comes to cybercrime prevention, knowing the most common threats can be very helpful.

Payment fraud theft and identity hacking are probably the most common types of cybercrime out there.

But there are other online threats that can be even more dangerous. These include anything from child pornography and abuse, incitement to violence, espionage, and sabotage to terrorism, information piracy, and intellectual property theft.

Most cyber-attacks are done through the use of a technology known as malware. Among these are banking trojans, which target the information stored in PCs and seek access to financial information, email credentials, and other sensitive data.

How To Protect Your Business And Family From Threats Online?

In 2021, cybercrime affects the rights of many, causing significant economic and social damage in the process.

If you are concerned about cybercrime prevention, know that once your private data goes online, it can be easily be found by hackers or stalkers.

Did you know people search sites crawl and sell your records to third parties every second? And, they often do so for next to nothing?

Most can protect their online data with good security software, or by taking extra precautions when managing their devices. 

The first step toward cybercrime prevention is to follow these basic tips: 

  • Use strong passwords for all your accounts. This includes applying complex combinations of letters and numbers.
  • Prevent viruses by installing antivirus software and systems. And, keep them updated.
  • Switch privacy settings for all social accounts to private.
  • Protect your data by encrypting files like tax returns and financial records. Back them up in a secure storage place.
  • Secure your WI-FI  at home and at work with a VPN server (Virtual Private Network) and an encrypted tunnel.

But what if you are someone who struggles with technology? Or, do you just not have the time to search the internet and get everything you need to protect yourself online?

Cybercrime Prevention With Internet Privacy

In these situations, it might be best to contact an internet privacy company that can help protect your online activities. Cybersecurity is crucial for your business, your personal life, and your children’s safety. 

Wondering what our specialists can do for you

Actually, quite a lot! Our online privacy and reputation specialists will manage, monitor, and safeguard both your personal and business data. They’ll also scrutinize over 70 search websites to look for any information that can hurt your image or put your privacy at risk.

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And since the internet never sleeps, you can rest assured you won’t have to monitor your online presence constantly.

Our experts will periodically check the status of all removals, get rid of any unwanted or negative content, and keep you up to date regarding your privacy status and any outstanding threats.

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